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Lesley Raphael said this about her Laughter Club......

Hi Liana   This is just to thank you so much for the article in last month's Inside Broadwater on laughter.   I had a number of new attendees at the monthly  laughter club as a result, and also a private booking to do a session as a large corporate health and wellbeing staff day, so this really helped to raise the profile.     I appreciate your helping to spread the word about this wonderful  health and wellbeing exercise!      If you ever fancy coming along to the Worthing Laughter Club I would be happy to give you a free session as a way of a thankyou.   I wish you continued success with the lovely little magazine.   Kind regards   Lesley Raphael 

Leighton from Broadwater Cricket Club said....

Hello Liana, your publication sounds really exciting for the Broadwater area and we'd love to get involved in someway.

Paul Baker, one of Broadwater's Councillors said....

Hi, I am really interested to see how this develops. As one of the Broadwater Councillors along with Cllr Vicky Vaughan and Cllr Nigel Morgan, I would like to help in any way I can. Please, let me say straight away any help would be totally for the benefit of Broadwater and not with any political agenda, I just want to promote Broadwater as a great place to work and live. Supporting the people and events where I can and to the best of my ability. I wish this venture every success.

Tim Nicholls. Chairman of South Broadwater Resident's Society said....

Hi Liana....So nice to hear from you.....You were very much missed. Very glad that you are planning a new publication. I am sure we would be pleased for you to publish our news.

Phil Akers from Seaside Hospital Radio said...…..

Hi Liana,
How are you, I hope you are well. I was lucky enough to be available on the weekend of the Broadwater Carnival and spent several hours on the Seaside Hospital Radio stand. What a fabulous event, everyone was in a good humoured and friendly mood and we got a fabulous reception from all those that attended the event.

I would also like to thank you for all the support you have given SHR over the last year it has been very much appreciated and thank you for printing our article "New Blood wanted at Hospital Radio" in the current issue of your magazines, we already have had 3 people wishing to join and the magazines have only been out a few days. We have also had our current listener figures and they have grown from 7,000 internet streams a month a year ago to nearly 20,000 streams a month today, this increase has been achieved in no small part by the support you have shown us.

Many thanks,
Phil Akers

Gary and Sue Krost from Worthing Theatre Trail said...…...

Hello Liana,

We have seen the latest edition ....thank you so much for the space, advert and more importantly your support. We really appreciate it
best wishes and come and say hello if you come to any of the performances
Gary and Sue

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